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Is Your Upstairs Shower Leaking Downstairs? Here’s What to Do!


When you’re taking a shower, the last thing you want to be thinking about is a water leak! But unfortunately, water leaking through the ceiling is a common problem. Here’s what to do:

We are assuming that the reason you know your upstairs shower is leaking is because you noticed a water stain on your ceiling, right below where the shower is. But there are so many potential causes of a shower leak, and before you do anything, you need to determine what exactly is going on.

1. Damaged tiles

Your bathroom tile is meant to stop water from soaking into the shower walls. So a leak could actually be an issue not with a broken pipe, but with cracked or loose tiles. And there could be damage even if all the tiles are okay – the issue could be holes in the grout or a loose adhering surface (substrate) causing a leak from your upstairs shower!

2. Faucet issues

One of the most common sources of bathroom water leaks is the showerhead, handle, or faucet. Even if your shower fixtures look in fine condition, there could be invisible damage to the O-ring, to gaskets, or washers, but no matter the case, it’s most common to see a leak dripping from the showerhead or from behind the handle. Either way, the way the repair is done is by removing the faceplate to see the valve behind it. If there is something wrong with the valve or if it’s leaking behind the wall, we recommend you give us a call here at Biard & Crockett – better safe than sorry! ((714) 602-1299)

(And, of course, if you plan to take a look at any of your plumbing fixtures, be sure to turn the water source OFF first so you aren’t greeted with water spraying all over!)

3. Clogged drain

Did you know that a drain clog can also cause your upstairs shower to leak downstairs?  A clogged drain will cause water pressure to build up in the pipes behind it (and might even burst a pipe). Also, since a clog prevents water from going down the drain properly, it could cause the pan to overflow, which may be the source of your leak.

4. Leaky/broken/loose/burst pipe

Of course, as you can imagine, a problem with the connecting pipes is the most common cause of a shower leak that shows as a water stain on the ceiling below. A leaky pipe can cause water to run behind walls and onto ceilings.

So now that you know what kind of problem you might have on your hands, it’s time to get it solved! You can call us here at Biard & Crockett if you suspect or see a water leak – our licensed plumbers will diagnose the problem and ensure your peace of mind here in Orange County. For more info, call Biard & Crockett at (714) 602-1299 or schedule an appointment online!

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