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Heat pumps are an excellent comfort choice for Orange County communities because a single heat pump can do the work of both heating and air conditioning systems. Plus, heat pumps are highly efficient and very reliable. But we know problems can crop up, and if your heat pump isn’t providing the performance and comfort you need, reach out to the Biard & Crockett team for fast, trustworthy heat pump repair service.

Our heat pump service team has the knowledge, training, tools, and technology to get all makes and models of heat pumps back to delivering reliable comfort. They’re skilled at finding the causes of problems and then determining the best way to repair them. Before they begin work, they’ll tell you exactly what’s needed and what the cost will be, so you won’t have any surprises.

That’s why Orange County has trusted the Biard & Crockett team for more than a half-century. If you’re having heat pump problems, reach out to our team and we’ll be there right away to help!

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Is Your Heat Pump Not Working Correctly?

If your home isn’t as comfortable as you want, or if you’re not getting the cooling or heating you need, it’s a sign your heat pump may need to be repaired. Problems aren’t always obvious though, so if you notice any of these symptoms, reach out to the heat pump service team at Biard & Crockett right away:

  • Producing cold air, not warm
    If cold air is coming from your registers when you expect heat, your heat pump may be stuck in “defrost mode” or low on refrigerant. We’ll identify and fix the problem.
  • Your bills are climbing
    When a heat pump loses efficiency and your energy bills climb, reach out to Biard & Crockett so we can identify the problem.
  • Operating cycles are shorter
    If your heat pump keeps turning on and off before it reaches the temperature you’ve set, we can narrow down the problem and repair it.
  • Hearing strange noises?
    One advantage of heat pumps is that they usually operate quietly. If you’re hearing new or strange noises when your heat pump is running, reach out to Biard & Crockett so we can track down the problem.
  • It’s producing nasty smells
    If you’re smelling something like mold or dampness when your heat pump is operating, there may be a problem with the condensate drain or a buildup of dust and debris. We’ll get things smelling good again!
  • Ice is starting to form
    If you’re noticing ice on your heat pump, the airflow may be weak or refrigerant may be leaking. Those problems need to be corrected before series damage occurs.
  • It’s stuck in the wrong mode
    If your heat pump is providing heat in warm weather and cooling when it’s chilly outside, something is probably wrong with the controls or electronics. We’ll pinpoint the problem and get your heat pump back to normal!
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