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There’s a Bracelet That Works As An Air Conditioner!


Usually, there isn’t a huge overlap between the jewelry industry and the heating/cooling industry, but one company’s “heating and cooling bracelet” has changed all that!

What exactly is a heating and cooling bracelet?

When we say, “heating and cooling bracelet,” you probably get a mental image of a bracelet with a mini-fan on it, or a bracelet that sprays a cool mist, or a bracelet with heated coils like a heating pad has … Actually, not of these visuals are quite accurate (but they are creative!). Instead, this bracelet actually has a miniature “heat pump” inside of it.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with a heat pump, which is more common for heating and cooling here in Orange County than it is in other parts of the country, a heat pump works by transferring heat from one location to the other. (Yes, that means even when it’s winter in southern California, a heat pump is still transferring the little bit of heat that exists outdoors into your home.)

The miniature thermoelectric heat pump on this bracelet works the same way, pulling heat from the surrounding air to deliver a burst of heat to your wrist. Or, as you’d probably rather right now, transferring heat out into the air to deliver a burst of COLD to your wrist. How awesome is that?

Does the bracelet work?

Of course, the million-dollar question is, does this bracelet actually work? Well, this technology, actually called the “Embr Wave” bracelet by Embr Labs, has already been tested out by many impartial companies. So in order to make our verdict here at Biard & Crockett (even though we couldn’t get our hands on an Embr Wave bracelet ourselves), we listened to what Business Insider had to say. They had a staff member try the bracelet in order to see if it would cool them down. This person said, “Most of the time, it provided me with a pleasant cooling sensation that saved me from feeling warm and irritable.” They said that the burst of cold air on their wrist was more helpful than one might think – much the same way that holding a cold water bottle, or a warm mug, helps change how hot or cold you feel. However, they said that in the ultimate test on a hot subway, the bracelet’s bursts of cool air really didn’t help much. It was just too hot!

What do you think?

Overall, this is a really neat invention in our opinion, especially since it retails at just $300! We think it would be great for keeping you cool or warm as you walk around outside. It seems like it would be most useful for on-the-go, but of course, the best way to stay cool in the summer is with a functioning air conditioner in your home!

If you’re dealing with A/C problems, don’t hesitate to give Biard & Crockett a call at (714) 602-1299 or schedule an appointment online! We are Orange County’s air conditioning experts, and would love to help you out.

Source: Business Insider

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