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The Perfect Guide for Staying Warm This Winter!

Guide for Staying Warm This Winter

With winter comes the noble task of ensuring our furnaces are in tip-top shape!

Why, you ask? Well, unless you fancy wearing your ski gear indoors, it’s pretty important. Here’s a handy-dandy furnace maintenance checklist to keep your home cozy, as winter continues!

1. Clear the area around outdoor units

This is for those of you with outdoor units – they need breathing space too! Make sure to clear any debris or leaves that may have landed and blocked your unit. Okay, maybe not spacecraft, but you get the idea. A clean area around your unit ensures it’s not working harder than it needs to.

2. Change the air filter

We can’t stress this enough: Change. Your. Filters! These guys battle dust, pet hair, and those mystery particles that seem to come out of nowhere (for example, pollutants from outdoors, called Volatile Organic Compounds.) A clean filter means better air quality and a happier furnace. It’s a win-win!

3. Clean vents and registers

Imagine trying to breathe through a straw clogged with…well, dust bunnies! Your vents/registers need to be clear to do their job right. A quick vacuum with an attachment can do wonders. Plus, you might find that long-lost TV remote in the process. (Ok, maybe not, but, removing vents and cleaning the visible area is an important part of heating and cooling system health, that homeowners can easily do!)

5. Check home for leaks

No, not plumbing leaks! We’re talking about air drafts. Windows, doors, and even electrical outlets can be sneaky culprits letting cold air in. Seal them up (with caulk etc.)! It’s like playing hide and seek with cold drafts – and you’re determined to win.

6. Schedule furnace service

Last but definitely not least, call in the pros for a furnace tune-up! Regular service can prolong the life of your furnace and keep it running efficiently. Think of it as a spa day for your heating system.

So there you have it, a furnace maintenance checklist that’s as essential as your winter boots. Stay warm, stay safe, and remember – a well-maintained furnace is the secret ingredient to a cozy winter home. Happy heating!

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