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How to Avoid Plumbing Problems This Season!

Avoiding plumbing problems

The holiday season is full of joy and togetherness—but if you’re hosting parties, it can also be tough on your home’s plumbing.

Extra guests, festive cooking, and cold weather can create the perfect storm for clogged drains, leaks, and more plumbing predicaments. Don’t let household headaches ruin your holiday celebrations. Follow these tips to keep things flowing smoothly and avoid major plumbing hazards this season.

Mind the grease

Holiday meals often involve high-fat foods like gravy, butter, and oil that can build up in pipes when washed down drains. Scrape plates and cookware thoroughly before washing to remove excess fat, grease, and food scraps. Avoid pouring fats directly down the drain. Compost food waste when possible. Using strainers in sink drains also catches debris before it clogs pipes.

Go easy with garbage disposals

While convenient, garbage disposals can overload sewer lines when used heavily. Avoid putting large amounts of food waste like potato peels or celery down disposals, especially if your home has older pipes. Stick to small amounts of soft foods instead. Never pour grease or oils into the disposal. Always run cold water while operating the disposal and for 30 seconds after to flush the drain line.

Watch out for wipes and paper products

Many common household paper products like tissues, paper towels, and cleaning wipes won’t break down in plumbing and septic systems, even if labeled “flushable.” They can snag on pipes and cause clogs. Put wipes, tissues, and paper towels in the trash can instead of the toilet. And never flush feminine hygiene products or diapers.

Prevent backups with routine drain maintenance

Holiday guests mean more showers, laundry, dishes, and flushing—all of which increase stress on your plumbing. Prevent slow drains and backups by performing routine maintenance. Check and clean sink strainers and shower drain covers regularly. Pour a monthly drain maintainer or enzyme cleaner down seldom-used drains. Professionally clear main sewer lines annually before the holidays.

Check for leaks

Guests taxing the plumbing with extra showers and toilet flushing can reveal leaks due to increased water pressure and flow. Inspect sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets for new drips or moisture around fixtures and under sinks. Listen for running water in the walls. Catching leaks quickly prevents water damage. Ensure all fixtures seal properly when turned off.

Monitor outdoor faucets and pipes

Freezing temperatures can burst pipes and faucets left exposed to the elements. Disconnect all outdoor hoses. Shut off and drain water to outdoor faucets. Cover outdoor spigots with insulating foam caps. What could be worse than a burst pipe anywhere, even outside, while guests are over?

Contact our team if you need help inspecting your plumbing system before guests arrive or for immediate assistance with any plumbing mishaps. Our plumbers are ready to help! Wishing you a leak-free and hassle-free holiday season from all of us!

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