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Professor Zheng’s “Cooling Paper” – The Future of A/C?


What if paper could keep a building cool? If you think we’ve lost our minds, read on!

Professor Yi Zheng from Northeastern College in Boston has discovered a way to do just that – which, we have to admit, would really cut down on your cooling bill this summer!

How does it work?

The way Professor Zheng came up with the concept of “cooling paper” was by thinking:

a) About how light colors reflect rather than absorb heat from sunlight; and

b) About how fibers in paper are somewhat tight but also loose enough to absorb and transmit warmth.

So, he wanted the paper to repel heat, due to the light color. Then, he also wanted the paper to absorb heat from inside the building, because of its porous fibers. The professor has come up with a way to not only keep heat from getting into a building, but also to get rid of heat that is already inside the building. (Remember, things inside your house like electronics, or activities like cooking, produce heat in your home!)

How did he do it?

Zheng actually started this project out of his home, using a blender. Yes, a project that will someday change the world started with a regular old kitchen blender! He used the blender to blend paper and Teflon material into a pulp. Then he solidified the material into a paper-like substance again. The goal is to coat homes and offices with this material, everywhere.

How well does it work?

Of course, the million-dollar (or probably more!) question is, how well does the “cooling paper” work? With his colleagues in Northeastern Boston, the professor tested the material, under different conditions such as varying temperature and humidity, and found that in the best conditions the paper can cool down a home by as much as 10 degrees! And, remember, that’s without any HVAC whatsoever! The team actually won an award from the National Science Foundation not only for such a breakthrough discovery, but also because of how eco-friendly the cooling paper idea is.

The takeaway

Of course, cooling paper isn’t available on the market right now, or else you would have heard about it already! This is an incredible idea that we’re sure we haven’t heard the last of. But for now, Yi Zheng and his team are still waiting for ways to further adopt cooling paper to a broader market.

It would be amazing if buildings in Orange County were able to keep cool without the help of electricity, but at the moment a close-second option is to choose from a great range of high-efficiency air conditioners from Biard & Crockett, and also to keep your system well-maintained with the Biard & Crockett Family Club. If you have any questions or need help, schedule an appointment online or give us a call: (714) 602-1299

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