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How to Stop the Thermostat Wars in Your Home

Thermostat Wars

“Thermostat wars” sounds like a new movie franchise, but you can see it every day at home, with your family members!

There’s always that one person in the house who likes to keep things too warm or a little too cold. While it might not seem like a big deal, it can lead to some serious arguments. After all, nobody likes being uncomfortable in their own home. But no one wants to spend much money on A/C bills, either!

What’s the answer here?

So, what can you do to please everyone, and avoid the thermostat wars, as it gets hotter and hotter here in Orange County? Well, here are a few tips:

1. Get a programmable thermostat

This way, you can set the temperature when people are home and when they’re not. You’re automatically saving money and energy when no one is home. This is especially true with a smart thermostat, which enables you to adjust your temperature even when you’re not home, and also knows when you’re coming home (due to the connection with your phone), so it can make your home nice and cool for you before you get there. But all these savings can help eliminate “thermostat wars” because you’re not spending as much money on your energy bills! Learn more about Biard & Crockett’s programmable and smart thermostat options.

2. Educate your family members about conserving energy

A/C uses about 6% of all the energy made in the United States, releasing 100 million more tons of CO2 into the air yearly!

If you have kids, they might not be used to thinking about conserving energy. But if you educate them on why it’s essential, they can help pitch in and make a difference. Because if you’re telling them, “Stop turning the thermostat down so low, we’re going to pay too much money on our energy bills! Do you want to pay the bills?” they’re going to tune you out. But if you say, “Hey, by conserving energy and not making the house too cold, we can help the environment and save some money, so we have more money for that thing you wanted… ” they might be more receptive.

3. Try to come to a compromise that everyone can agree on

If you’re still struggling to find that perfect temperature, it might be time to sit down with your family members and try to come to a compromise. Maybe you can find a happy medium that everyone can agree on, like 76 degrees. Or, perhaps you can set different temperatures for different times of the day. Does someone tend to get hot and want the A/C blasting, but they won’t mind the thermostat being a little higher while they’re asleep?

The way to win this war is some good old-fashioned diplomacy! And you can save some money in the process by investing in a programmable thermostat! Biard & Crockett can help you find the perfect thermostat for your home. Located in Orange, CA, we provide expert heating & air conditioning services throughout Orange County. Click here to learn more, or give us a call at (714) 602-1299!

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