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Don’t Get Burned! (All About Your Furnace Burner)

Don’t Get Burned! (All About Your Furnace Burner)

Nobody wants to be a human popsicle in their own home when cold weather hits. But that nightmare can happen fast if your furnace burner flakes out on you!

This little component might be small, but it plays a big part in keeping your place warm and toasty. So show it some love, why don’tcha?

What is the burner?

That fiery furnace burner is where the magic happens if you’ve got a gas-powered heating system – it takes natural gas or propane and turns it into lovely heat for frigid days and nights. Electric furnaces work a little differently – instead of a flame, they use electric heating elements to warm air.

The trusty pilot

And for gas-fired furnaces, it all starts with the little pilot light flickering away, ready to jump into action getting things lit at a moment’s notice. Kinda like a volunteer firefighter sitting around the station playing cards until the alarm bell rings. When the thermostat says “Let ‘er rip!” that trusty pilot swoops in to get the furnace burner firing on all cylinders.

But uh oh, if the pilot’s outta commission from a draft or dirt buildup, you can kiss heat goodbye…

Potential problems

Got a pilot glowing away but still feel a chill in the air? The problem child might be the hot surface igniter instead. That’s the thing that that heats up FAST when your furnace is on. We’re talking surface-of-the-sun hot—well, almost. It’s so blazing that it sparks up the gas to create firepower.

But what if you have hairline cracks in that igniter? Might as well be trying to start a campfire with a dead lighter and wet kindling. It’s not happening!

And of course, the flame needs ample fuel and air to really spread its warmth. If the blower fan conks out or debris gunks up the gas lines, it’s nothing but sadness. Your burner, and therefore the furnace, lack of airflow or fuel.

The bottom line

Keep that furnace burner happy so it keeps YOU happy in cold weather. And remember, Biard & Crockett is always happy to help anytime you need expert furnace repair in your Orange County home.

Call us anytime at (714) 602-1299, or schedule an appointment on our website.

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