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What Should You Know Before Installing a New A/C?

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If your current unit is more than a decade old or on the fritz, you may be considering installing a new system. But what do you need to know first?

Here at Biard & Crockett, we think it’s essential to do some research and inform yourself about the product you’re buying and the potential features you might want! So before you start shopping for a new A/C unit, here’s the full run-down of new features you could get:

1. A very quiet system: Today’s A/C units are much quieter than older models, thanks to advances in technology. So if noise is a concern for you, be sure to ask about a unit’s dB rating before making your purchase.

2. Variable speed motor that can fine-tune exact temperatures: This feature is becoming increasingly popular in A/C units, as it allows you to control the temperature in your home better. Not to mention, it can also help save on energy costs. And a variable speed motor can also help extend the life of your A/C unit because it doesn’t just have to run at one speed but instead adjusts based on need.

3. Efficient compressor: A more efficient compressor can mean lower energy costs for you, so it’s something to look for if saving money is a priority. And it can also help to prolong the life of your unit. Remember, the compressor is what circulates the refrigerant in your A/C unit, so a more efficient compressor will use less energy to do so.

4. High-voltage protection: Some A/C units come with this feature, protecting your unit from voltage fluctuations that could damage it. If you live in an area with many thunderstorms or other weather conditions that could cause power surges, this may be a feature worth looking into.

5. Self-diagnostics: This is a newer feature becoming more common in A/C units. It essentially allows the unit to run a diagnostic test on itself to identify any potential problems. This can help catch issues early on before they become more extensive (and more expensive) problems.

6.  Antimicrobial protection: This is another newer feature becoming more common in A/C units. It helps protect your unit from bacteria, mold, and other organisms that could cause problems.

7. Programmable thermostat: This is a great feature to have if you want to control the temperature in your home remotely. For example, you could program the thermostat to lower the temperature when you’re away at work during the day and then raise it again when you’re on your way home.

8. Energy-efficiency rating: Look for an A/C unit with a high energy-efficiency rating. This will help you save money on your energy bills, and it’s also better for the environment.

9. Know the size needed for your home: This is important because if you get a unit that’s too small, it won’t be able to cool your home effectively. And if you get a unit that’s too big, it will use more energy than necessary to cool your home.

10. Installation: Have a professional install your A/C unit. This is not a DIY project, as it requires special tools and knowledge.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new A/C unit. But ultimately, the best way to know if a unit is suitable for you is to consult with an expert! Biard & Crockett has a team of experienced and certified professionals who can help you select the perfect A/C unit for your home. So, if you’re in the market for a new A/C unit, give us a call at (714) 602-1299!

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