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What Do I Do If My Furnace Goes Out This Winter?


It’s the worst-case scenario – your furnace has stopped functioning! But don’t panic. Here’s what to do if your furnace goes out:

Use other heat sources

This is probably the most obvious solution. If it’s just your furnace that has stopped working, and your power hasn’t gone out, there are lots of things you can plug in or turn on to keep warm. Keep a space heater close to where you and your family will stay. Of course, you still need to adhere to space heater safety rules, like keeping it on the floor and at least 3 feet away from anything flammable (like blankets). Also, plug the space heater into a regular wall outlet, not into an extension cord or GFCI outlet (the kind with the reset button on it), because this creates one more level of connection and is like a “daisy chain” that can overload the circuit. No matter what, you don’t want to cause a fire or electrical damage and make your existing problem even worse!

Similarly, using a fireplace if you have one, or turning on your stove, are great options. But, again, be sure to follow safety precautions and avoid fire hazards. For example, if you do decide to turn your stove or oven on, don’t just do that to warm up your home. Doing that without putting anything in it is a fire hazard. So, why not bake a delicious treat and hang out near the oven – hot and yummy! Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Dress warm

You need to dress warmly if your furnace goes out this winter! That’s probably too obvious to mention, but a lot of people don’t know the best way to dress and keep warm. As you may have heard before, wearing multiple layers is more helpful than one heavy layer. If you have the option, a great base layer to wear is long underwear. Living here in Orange County, you might not have a pair of those, or may only have it for your ski trips out in Mammoth Lakes! Either way, these are a great option because cotton is such an efficient insulator. From there, layering on the t-shirts, flannels, fleeces, and especially a great pair of wool socks (which, again, you might usually only use for ski trips) are the best options for keeping warm. Don’t forget gloves and a hat if you get too cold.

Call Biard & Crockett immediately!

Of course, if your furnace goes out, the first thing you think about is how to fix it, not what to wear or what heat source to huddle around. For an emergency situation like this, we happily offer 24/7 furnace repair service and can even be there within the hour! Just give us a call: (714) 602-1299

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