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Top 10 Things to NOT Put Down the Drain This Thanksgiving!

What NOT to put down the sink

As you plan to host a Thanksgiving party, your plumbing is probably the last thing on your mind. But holiday parties are definitely the time to think about it!

But your drains play a huge role in keeping the party cleanup easy. Avoid pipe nightmares with this list of top ten things to keep OUT of your sinks and toilets!

Number 10 – Grease and oils. Turkey drippings and buttery mashed potatoes can wreak havoc below. Hot oil and fat congeal into nasty clogs. Can your pipes handle the extra gluttony? Play it safe by scraping plates and disposing of the grease in the trash.

Number 9 – Shells and bones. Don’t treat your garbage disposal like a trash can! Hard giblets, shells, and wishbones get snarled in the blades. Stick to soft scraps and use your disposal sparingly.

Number 8 – Produce peels. Onion skins, potato peels, and carrot ends may seem harmless, but they can snag in traps. Compost them instead to keep your pipes flowin’.

Number 7 – Eggshells. Tiny shards have a knack for clinging together into obstructions. So don’t let your sink become an eggshellent mess. Keep them out of the drain.

Number 6 – Pasta and rice. These swell when wet, expanding to greater than the drain diameter. Rinsing big batches after your feast? Opt for the trash, not the pipes.

Number 5 – Paper towels. Their fibers tangle into tough wads. Using them to clean up spills? Wipe plates and toss in the garbage, not the sink.

Number 4 – Tea leaves and coffee grounds. These tiny fragments accumulate into troublesome sludge. So brew and drink up, but don’t treat drains like a French press.

Number 3 – Corn husks. Silky strands loop into twisted masses. Instead of sending leftovers down the vortex, compost corncob debris.

Number 2 – Sanitary products. Pads and tampons don’t dissolve well, creating embarrassing obstructions. Use a trash can to dispose of these properly.

And the number one Thanksgiving item to keep out of your pipes is…

The kitchen sink! Yup, your entire basin. You might be asking what the heck we mean by that? Well – when tackling towering piles of dishes, avoid the temptation to fill the sink for soaking. Food particles in the water can leave a gross residue in pipes. Wash items individually and scrape scraps into the trash. Your drains will thank you!

Call the Plumbing & Drain Experts in Orange County

This Thanksgiving, show your plumbing some TLC. Following these tips will keep your pipes partying, not clogging. But if your sink does start gurgling, the drainage dynamos at Biard & Crockett are here for backup. Our expert plumbers provide professional drain cleaning services in Orange County. Call us anytime morning or night to get your flow back and drain the sinkfuls of holiday dishes with ease.

Happy feasting, from our family to yours!

Call us anytime at (714) 602-1299, or schedule an appointment on our website.

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