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Need a New Heating and Cooling System This Fall? (2 Signs You Do and 3 Benefits From Doing So)

need a new system?

A solid heating and cooling system is important when it comes to making your home comfortable to live in. And now that the breeze has started getting a bit more chilly, it’s even more important to make sure that your system will be able to keep you warm.

Chances are that if you’re already thinking of replacing your current HVAC setup, then it’s probably time to start looking into it. But before you do, here are two signs that it’s time for an upgrade and three benefits you’ll gain from doing so.

If your system is more than a decade old

HVAC systems aren’t immune to aging. And as the system gets older, parts of it are more likely to deteriorate and stop working as expected.

This means that after a decade, your home may not be as cool in the summer or as warm in the winter as it should be. And you may also start to hear strange sounds or have a hard time turning the system on.

If your system needs to be prepared multiple times a day

A properly functioning heating and cooling system shouldn’t need to be serviced more than once or twice a year. And there shouldn’t be so many things that need to be repaired all at once. 

So if something always seems to be wrong with your HVAC system, and you’re constantly calling in technicians to make repairs, then it may be time for you to look into a new system. Remember, when added up, your total annual repairs shouldn’t cost more than a new HVAC system would.

If you do decide to make the leap and invest in a new HVAC system, you won’t be doing it in vain. Here are a few benefits a new system may stand to bring to the table.

You’ll save money!

Yes, a new heating and cooling system will cost you money to buy. But it will probably save you more money in the long run. And this is because it will reduce the number of annual repairs you’ll need to pay for.

Your unit will work more efficiently!

One of the selling points of a good HVAC system is its efficiency. Newer HVAC systems can boast of using less energy overall to do the same amount of work or even more than your current system does.

You’ll experience new features!

If you didn’t already have access to a programmable thermostat or a zoning system, getting a new furnace and AC system would be the perfect opportunity to try them out.

A programmable thermostat lets you automatically set different temperatures for your home at different times of the day. And a zoning system works hand in hand with the programmable thermostat by allowing you to set different temperatures for different rooms in your home.

Together, they could make a huge difference in your HVAC system’s efficiency!

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