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Top 7 Things You Should NEVER Put Down your Drain

The Top 7 Things You should NEVER Put Down your Drain

A clogged drain can be a nightmare, and anyone who has experienced it can understand the difficulty in finding a plumber quickly to help fix it. To live in peace without having to call the plumber frequently, certain basic precautions are necessary. The first one is to not dump stuff down the drain. Even simple things like potato peels and eggshells can cause drains to clog and back up, though most people might think of them as easily disposed off items. Read on for a list of the top 7 things you should never put down your drain.

1. Grease

Though it might sound counter-intuitive, grease poured down the drain will actually clog your drain like nothing else. The fat congeals into a big blob, and blocks your drain quite effectively.

2. Food Scraps

Food scraps, though most of us might think are organic and so will disintegrate, can generally clump together and form a mass, blocking your drain. Potato peels, egg shells and leftover pasta or noodles are classic examples. Coffee and tea also tend to clump together and clog drains, and so take care while disposing of the used coffee powder from your coffee maker or espresso machine.

3. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes and other such products, though many companies claim are flushable down the drain, in reality are the most commonly found items in clogged drains. You will do well to throw them in the trash.

4. Soap, Detergents & Cosmetics

Just like grease, the fat in soaps and the oil in cosmetics alike contribute to clogged drains. Toothpaste is another major problem, especially if you have young children who tend to use more toothpaste than necessary, and spit them down the drain in little lumps. These items congeal and attract other waste, forming blockages. Detergents and other cleaning agents also have oils and chemicals tend to congeal and clog. Bath salts also contribute to blocks quite often, as they aren’t as easily dissolved one might imagine.

5. Hair

This is a no-brainer. Human hair is one of the biggest problems that contribute to blocked drains. When you have long hair, make it a point to clean the drain-filter regularly so that you reduce the chances of the hair getting washed down and blocking the pipes. Hair can mesh into a ball and attract other items, and then lead to severe blocks in the drain pipes. If you’re in the habit of trimming your hair at home, make sure to collect the cut hair and dispose it off in the garbage. You will saving yourself some serious trouble down the line.

6. Personal Hygiene Products

Though it might seem like stating the obvious, this does happen – people flushing away used personal hygiene products and condoms, and then calling in the plumber for clogged drains. A little bit of care in disposing of personal care products and condoms can save you a major expense in clearing a clog.

7. Chemical Products

Chemicals in medicines or other household items can also lead to chemical reactions and unforeseen problems. Paint is another example. If you want to clean your brushes after a DIY project, that’s one thing. But flushing leftover paint after a project would be a problem, as it might congeal or react adversely with other substances and cause problems. Likewise, care should be taken while disposing of medicines which are past their expiry date. You can also try using vinegar to keep your drains de-clogged instead of chemicals. Pour some vinegar down the drain, and after 30 minutes, follow it up with some boiling hot water.

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These simple precautions followed while disposing household waste will help you and your family avoid clogged drainpipes other plumbing problems. If you do have a clogged drain, call us at Biard & Crockett today for a free quote.

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