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3 Tips for Replacing Bathroom Fixtures in Your Home

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Maybe your bathroom fixtures aren’t working like they used to. Or maybe you just need a new look. Either way, it is time to replace them. But it is important that you do not just jump into the process without a little planning in advance. So, before you start replacing your fixtures, check out our three tips below:

Keep Design in Mind

The fixtures are the jewelry of your bathroom. They can become the star of the show or just remain a supporting player, but no matter what, they need to mesh with the overall look. So, as you purchase, you need to keep the design in mind.

This sounds pretty simple, but so many faucets and showerheads walk a fine line between one design style and another. For example, it is easy to realize something sleek and minimalist is ultra-modern, but can you tell the difference between a faucet that fits best with arts and crafts and one that fits best with shaker style?

It isn’t easy, so it is a good idea to consult with a design professional or at least do your due diligence before you purchase any new fixtures for your bathroom.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Or in this case, measure twice, buy once. Sink fixtures are designed to work on specific openings a set distance apart. Depending on the fixture, you may have a certain amount of flexibility, but you need to be positive before you buy.

If there is a set look you are wanting, you may find that the best course of action is to also replace the sink. You might even enjoy the wall-mounted look, which requires a sink with no cuts for fixtures. Of course, you should be mindful of your budget so you do not let things get out of hand.

Opt for a Professional Installation

Can you install bathroom fixtures on your own? Absolutely. But it might not be the best choice. Installing bathroom fixtures is one of those things that seems pretty simple, but then once you get into it, you realize there are a lot of steps—and plenty of room for error.

The last thing you want are fixtures that leak, do not work properly, or become damaged during the installation. Because of this, it is best to allow a professional to handle the installation, especially if you are choosing a new sink as well. Professional plumbers will make certain the job is done right and that there is nothing else you need to worry about, allowing you to enjoy the new look of your home.

Turn to Biard & Crockett for All Your Plumbing Needs in Orange County

If you have bathroom fixtures that need to be installed, simply give us a call. Of course, we offer a full suite of plumbing services beyond fixture installation, including drain cleaning, repiping, and emergency services at all hours of the day and night. If you are in the Southern California area, Biard & Crockett is here for you.

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