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10 Ways to Instantly Save Water with Easy Plumbing Fixes

When you’re trying to stick to a tight budget, the last thing you want to do is spend too much money on your water bill.  If there are simple things you can do to save water, then you’re much better off finding a solution yourself than spending a large sum when you call a professional to your home.  Of course, in many situations, calling a professional is your only option.  However, with a tiny bit of plumbing  common sense, you can get a head start on your problem or solve it completely.  In some cases, you can prevent a small problem from turning into a huge one.

From your dedicated plumbing professionals at Biard and Crockett, here are some low-risk plumbing fixes that will put you in a good position to conserve water and save money this year.

#1: Check your Toilet for Leaks.

Your toilet will run constantly until it fills up.  If there is a leak somewhere, the water from the top will continually flow from the tank into the bowl, wasting up to 200 gallons per day.  Simply by checking the mechanism inside the tank to see if the chain is not tangled up, and that the bauble is creating a proper seal to stop the flow of water, you can save yourself a lot of money, and a save countless gallons of water as well.

#2: Install a Faucet Aerator.

You can check your faucet’s output by measuring the amount that comes out in a ten second period.  If you are using too much, you can buy an aerator to attach to the spigot.  An aerator will reduce the flow of water through the line, but it will also help air to come in contact with more molecules of water coming through the line.  This will help kill any anaerobic bacteria that might be living in the water.

#3: Take Military Showers.

Run the shower for a minute to get wet, soap yourself down, and rinse off.  Just think how much money you could save with this simple approach.  Think how much water your whole household would save!

#4: Replace your Appliances with the Most Water-Efficient Models Available

In recent years, there have been astounding advances in the area of water conservation.  Use this to your advantage!  

#5: Use the Correct Amount of Water when Irrigating your Lawn.

When your sprinkler system applies too much water to your lawn, it encourages weeds to grow, as well as fungus, and mold.  Use simple measuring guidelines to determine whether you are using the right amount.  This means you have to know your plants and their needs!  Once you know how much your sprinkler system is emitting, you can adjust it to run for the correct amount of time.

#6: If you have a Faucet that leaks, fix it, or replace it.

If any of your faucets leaks, replace it.  A few drips per minute might not seem like much.  But over a long period of time, that faucet is going to waste a lot of water, and cost you money.

#7: Don’t let your Kitchen Faucet Run without Reason.

When you wash dishes by hand, fill up a sink with soapy water, and only use the faucet for rinsing.  When you defrost meat, plan ahead.  Take it out of the freezer ahead of time.

#8: Install a Hot Water Recirculation System.

When you turn on your hot water, how long do you have to wait for the cold water to flow through the line before you get hot water?  What if you could reduce that time to less than one second?  Hot water recirculation systems keep the hot water in your lines a certain temperature at all times.  They save a lot of water, and money.  If you want to learn more, call us.

#9: LEAKS! Pre-treat Stains to Avoid Washing Clothes Twice.

Pre-treat stains, to avoid multiple runs.  Set the machine to the correct load size.  Use the correct cycle for lightly-soiled loads; certain cycles use more water.


If your appliances and faucets are all off, and your meter is running, you have a leak somewhere.  Check your pipes, your hoses, your appliances.  If you still can’t find it, call the professionals at Biard and Crockett.  You may have a damaged pipe in your foundation, or somewhere else that is hard to get to.  We will find it, guaranteed!

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